AGIA seminar and sponsors, 2014

Our Seminar is less than a month away now (August 2nd and 3rd), so if you haven’t registered you need to do so soon. Interesting speakers and the chance to chat to other garlic growers make this a must for anyone interested in garlic. To register, go to the home page and click on the link.

Our 2014 Garlic Seminar is only possible because of the generous support of our sponsors. Our major sponsors this year are JJ Broch (who also sponsored us last year) and Organic Crop Protectants. To find out who they are and what they are offering read more


JJ Broch manufacture and supply garlic crop machinery. This includes garlic splitters, planters, harvesters, cleaners, graders, brushers and peelers. Some of this machinery will be on display at the seminar, and there will be plenty of information about the rest.

JJ Broch
Has specialised in Garlic Crop and Garlic Processing for more than 15 years.
Has a complete range of tools which help to minimise the costs and optimise the profit of the garlic crop.
Technicians and agronomists ready for direct support of garlic farmers and traders.


Our other sponsor is Organic Crop Protectants. OCP have been operating in Australia since 1991. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of crop protection and nutritional products for growers who are focused on Integrated Pest & Disease Management and improving the health of their soils. They will have free product for seminar attendees. One of the following products will be available for you to take home and trial.

ECO-CARB (eco-fungicide) is a contact fungicide containing food grade Potassium Bicarbonate, specially formulated to make it biologically active against fungal
diseases. Eco-carb contains a unique surfactants system that enables it to be used at low rates with maximum efficacy and low risk of burn. When applied on a regular basis, Eco-carb has been proven to control Powdery Mildew in most horticultural crops. It is APVMA registered
AZAMAX® –(eco-Neem) A natural insecticide produced from a patented process of extracting Azadiractin (one of the most potent natural insecticides known to man) from neem seed kernels. AzaMax has several modes of action but is essentially an Insect Growth Regulator and anti-feedant. Effective against soil pests and most leaf sucking and chewing pests.
ACADIAN® SSE –(ecoCweed)  Best quality, 100% soluble seaplant extract available on the market for agricultural/horticultural use. Contains the most widely used & researched seaweed species in the world and the best ratio of Auxins & Cytokinins for root and shoot growth. Acadian can be mixed with most agricultural sprays across a vast range of growing systems and is applied at low rates per hectare, costing growers less.