Australia’s First Fresh Garlic Competition

We are delighted to announce this competition for all Commercial Australian Garlic Growers. Lets show Australia what wonderful garlic we grow! Entries are open now, so get your entries in by January 24th 2014 and be ready to deliver your beautiful garlic by the 19th of February 2014

The Royal Agriculural Society of Victoria's press release:
RASV introduces a Fresh Garlic class into the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Program
The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) is introducing a Fresh Produce category into its 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards (RMFFA) Autumn Program featuring Australia's's first Fresh Garlic award. Developed in collaboration with the Australian Garlic Industry Association, the new RMFFA Autumn Program Fresh Garlic award is only open to Australian producers and will have a strong focus on taste and flavour. The introduction of the new award provides Australian fresh garlic producers with a platform to further showcase and market their produce to consumers during a period of strong industry resurgence. RASV CEO Mark O’Sullivan said the introduction of the new category reflected the growing consumer interest in Australian produce. We are delighted to announce the new Fresh Produce category will feature Fresh Garlic as its first class in the 2014 RMFFA Autumn program. Australian growers are producing top-quality fresh garlic and increasing demand for their products moved us to introduce it into our Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards Autumn Program,” said Mr O'Sullivan. Entries for the RMFFA Autumn Program are open from Thursday, 21 November 2013 to Friday, 24 January 2014, with judging to be held in February 2014. The RMFFA winners will also have an opportunity to showcase products at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Show in the Taste of Victoria Pavilion or as part of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Deli Bags.

Read on for a summary of the information most relevant to garlic growers, for entry forms, information booklet and more go to and follow RMFFA on Twitter @RMFFA

ROYAL MELBOURNE FINE FOOD AWARDS: The Autumn Program February 2014

Classes & Criteria for the Show


Food and cider producers and manufacturers are able to submit entries into seven categories.

  • Cider and Perry
  • Australian Distilled Spirits
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Fresh Produce - Garlic
  • Pasta
  • Pantry Goods
  • Packaging

    Entry Criteria

    To be eligible for entry into the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards entries must meet the following requirements:
  • To be eligible for a RMFFA Trophy the Exhibit must be submitted by the Producer of the Exhibit entered. A brand owner or retailer may also enter an exhibit but ONLY if the Producer of the contracted product is listed. Trophy status will recognise the producer of the Exhibit on behalf of the retailer or brand owner.
  • The product being entered is a commercially available product
  • All entries should be as per a normal production run
  • There is a maximum of 5 entries per class permitted
  • Any individual product can only be entered once into the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 
    Fresh Produce: Garlic
    Entry date: 24th January 2014
    Delivery date: 19th February 2014
    Judging date: 21st February 2014
    Entry fee: $50. A processing fee of $10 will be charged for paper entries.
    Category regulation
    Entry requirements
    All garlic must have been grown in Australia for commercial sale.
    An exhibit can only be entered into one class.
    However an exhibitor can enter a maximum of five exhibits into a class, as long as they can demonstrate the difference between the exhibits.
    In entering the awards the Exhibitor certifies that the exhibit is a product available for sale at the time of entry.
    Recognition of contract production
    Where a product has been produced for a brand owner under contract, the exhibitor must declare the relationship and provide the contact details of the contract producer. For these entries the result catalogue and any trophies they are awarded will state the name of the producer as well as the name of the brand owner.
    Quantities to be Submitted
    Each entry will consist of 500gm of garlic.
    Labelling of Exhibits
    All entries must have exhibit labels attached. The Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards will send you labels for each exhibit you enter into the competition.
    The labels include:
    (a) The competition name;
    (b) The year of the competition;
    (c) Class number;
    (d) Exhibit number;
    (e) Class name;
    (f) Barcode.
    It is essential that all exhibits are labelled.
    Judging criteria. All entries will be scored out of 100 points.
    Uniformity of Clove & Bulb:  20 (eg Shape, Size & Colour)
    Condition: 20 (eg. Freshness, Cleanliness, Physical condition)
    Quality: 10 (eg. Firmness, true to varietal type)
    Taste: 40
    Aroma: 10
    Total: 100
    Medal range
    Gold 90–100 points
    Silver 82–89 points
    Bronze 74-81 points
    Competition Classes