Garlic Season Launch

The Australian Garlic Industry Association (AGIA) is proud to announce the launch of the 2015-2016 garlic season. The Australian Garlic Industry is a re-emerging sector in Australian agriculture. It was all but destroyed in the 90s by the import of cheap Chinese garlic with the majority of farmers either leaving agriculture or moving into other crops.  The last five years has seen a resurgence in the number of garlic growers and Australian growers are now producing 17% of our domestic supply.

We think this is worth celebrating and we are delighted that Danielle Green, Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Major Events and Regional Victoria, will be officially launching the 2015-2016 garlic season at 11am on Saturday 5th of December at the South Melbourne Market.

But that is only the beginning of a weekend of celebration of the greatness of garlic. For the 5th and 6th of December from 9-3 there will be garlic plaiting demonstrations as well as a diverse crop of garlic for tasting and purchase from Georgie’s Harvest. Visitors will also be able to dine on garlic themed dishes available from the Market restaurants: Claypots Evening Star, Koy, Simply Spanish and Paco y Lola; and discover how garlic can be used in so many different ways and in so many different cuisines. Penny Woodward, author, organic gardener and garlic expert will be present with her book ‘Garlic, An organic guide to knowing growing and using garlic’ described by gardening legend Peter Cundall as “the best book I have ever read anywhere in the world on garlic”

Four of the AGIA’s growers will be providing their garlic, highlighting the fantastic variety of garlic available in Australia. These are just a taste of what can be found, but come along to try Liz Dubin's from Pokolbin Purple’s Italian Pink, Sam and Connie Ruberto from Farm Fresh’s Italian Purple, John Olliff from Freshwater Creek’s Italian Late and Peter and Nancy Hackett from Tooley Garlic’s Australian Red.
Click on read more to see the flyers for each of the growers and their garlics supplied for sale this year.

The photo is of last years launch, L to R Kirsten, Georgie, Leon, Penny and Cathy

There is more to learn about garlic than you thought was possible. Garlic is not only essential to food and medicine, but is also a pest repellent in organic gardening. Find out about garlic greens, garlic sprouts, green garlic, black garlic and smoked garlic at this special event and get caught up in the joy of garlic.

Buying Australian garlic supports a valuable Australian horticultural industry and means less food miles. Our garlic is fresh and has a wonderful array of flavours, from the mild mannered to full pungency.