Victorian Farmers Federation Free Expo

This free expo may be of interest to AGIA members. There is also a seminar on the two previous days but there is a cost for this. The following information is provided by the Victorian Farmers Federation.

Are you new to farming, considering buying a farm or looking to expand your knowledge? The VFF Small Farming Expo has all the answers, and it’s FREE!!
The expo will answer all the questions that you have about your desire to farm:
What to farm - talk to industry experts about the level of commitment required for different types of farming and the equipment you will need.
How to Farm it - meet and talk to experienced farmers who can answer your questions.
Where to farm it - hear from rural councils and real estate agents who can help you make a decision on a suitable location for your farm, and inform you about rates, schools, hospitals and community services available in their local area.

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 Farm Finance - Suncorp Bank and WFI insurance will be there to answer all of your questions on financing and insuring your farm. 

Ag Suppliers - a wide range of farming suppliers will be on hand to discuss machinery, equipment and other needs.
Guest Speaker Themes include - Owning Livestock, is it for me, VFF Livestock Extension Team Niche Farming, Wheen Bee Foundation, Long Lane Capers, Ravens Creek Farm. Planning and Regulations, VFF Planning Team.
Ask questions during a Q&A panel on; How to interpret and understand market information. Training Opportunities - workshops and courses. Employing Staff, contractors and OHS. Software what’s available to assist farmers.
The Victorian Farmers Federation conference and Small farming expo is being held June 12th to 14th please forward this to anyone involved or interested in Agriculture, can’t wait to see you at the show!