Our 'pampered' boutique crop of DE-licious garlic, is 'Locally grown’, in the countryside of Kilmore, north of Melbourne… absolutely PURE GARLIC.... Free of chemicals & manufactured pesticides. All soil additives are natural minerals and fertilizers…. from organic compost, to seaweed tonics, to totally natural chicken, sheep and cow manure! The resultant healthy bulbs, are plump, aromatic and full of flavour. As 1st year growers, we received a Bronze Medal for our entry in the Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards The diversity of our range of cultivars, provides an array of choices, for our customers…

• Italian Purple [strong & hot, rich, sweet & nutty when roasted]

• Spanish Roja [hot spicy flavour, long storage]

• Californian Late [hot & strong]

• Crookneck [mild, easy to peel, big cloves]

• Kiswani & Yabroudi [mild, great raw e.g dips & salads)

New Stock available from mid-Summer. We'd love to hear from you.


65 Schoolhouse lane
3722 Kilmore , VIC
Phone: 0422 477 922