Katamatite Garlic

You can visit us at our FarmGate Shop on the farm at 1307 Chapel Road, Katamatite Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays 10am-4pm or at local Farmers Markets or buy online.

Katamatite Garlic is a small family farm in Katamatite, Victoria, Australia.

Our Aim is to help people to renew their connection with real food and to get excited about it. We grow Premium quality, chemical free, organically grown food for local people. We don’t use any chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or soil conditioners. Nor do we use heavy machinery. Our gardens are designed using permaculture principles and use natural organic methods that gradually improve the soil rather than deplete it. Our garlic is hand planted, harvested, cleaned and prepared. It is ideal for people who enjoy quality food, are conscious of their health and the health of the environment.

Our core beliefs are based on Earth Care and People Care. Quality food should not cost us the Earth.


1307 Chapel Rd,
3649 Katamatite , VIC
Phone: 0438983718