Mandemar Garlic

Mandemar Homestead is growing its first commercial garlic crop in 2016. Over 40,000 garlics have been planted in the fertile loamy soils of the property. Varieties grown include Italian Red, Italian White, Monaro Purple and Wild Garlic. The garlic was planted in April 2016 in accordance with the moons and will be harvested in early November. The garlic will be hand planted, handpicked, hand weeded and hand packed the old school way with no chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, negative energy or other bad stuff. The garlic will be sold to local restaurants and through local markets, providores and online. Keep in touch to hear how our crop grows and when we are ready to sell fresh grown Australian garlic to you. and Instagram @mandemarhomestead #aussiegrownisbest


24 Mandmar Lane
2575 Mandemar , NSW
Phone: 0414316304 or 0409086649