Levant garlic

Elephant Garlic

Large purple flowersElephant garlic, also commonly called Russian garlic, is a popular edible bulb in some cultures. In some regions it is found naturalised on old house sites and it is a welcome, or sometimes, unwelcome inhabitant of many suburban gardens – but it is not garlic.
 There is however a cultivar of true garlic that is also called Russian Garlic and this should not be confused with elephant garlic. So what is elephant garlic? Its botanical name is Allium ampeloprasum (Ampeloprasum Group) ‘Elephant Garlic’ and it is actually a close relative of the leek, A. ampeloprasum (Porrum Group). It is only more distantly related to true garlic (A. sativum). Other common names are giant garlic, great-headed garlic, Levant garlic, Yorktown onion, and in French, ail d’orient, and German, pferdknoblauch.


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