The Australian network for garlic growers, sellers, processors and wholesalers.

Board Members

CHAIR: John Olliff

John has been growing garlic for 10 years, near Geelong in Victoria. Over time he has extended his crop and is now a fully certified organic garlic grower. Prior to growing garlic John had a business in the food service industry, and management experience in both a publicly listed company and a sports management association. 

John was fortunate to join the AGIA Board 9 years ago when the association was emerging from an industry downturn. His passion is to grow great garlic and to promote Australian grown as the garlic of choice for consumers.

DEPUTY CHAIR: Kevin Grivell

Kevin has been growing garlic at Lake Boga, Victoria for 12 years, having previously been a commercial onion seed producer and an agronomist for various rural supply companies.

Kevin, having first joined the AGIA board in 2016, has found it to be informative and has enjoyed meeting many “garlic-minded” people.

SECRETARY: Belinda Lambert

Belinda Lambert is a part time farmer and communications manager with a background in IT and consulting, based in Deniliquin NSW.

Three years ago Belinda began growing garlic, in the hope that the ‘worst drought on record’ would break. Three years on she’s still concentrating on growing her most valuable produce – a beautiful seedstock – but is keen to expand and hopes that general security water for growing Australian food will be released when available.

Belinda joined the AGIA board as secretary in 2019 and brings experience in communications, technology and governance, and a passion for growing garlic – as Belinda says: “What better way to learn about an industry than to join the professional association and learn from the best?”


Anna has been producing garlic in south-western Victoria for more than 10 years, bringing a unique approach to garlic cultivation due to her Naturopathic background. Her methods have paid dividends as she is now the most awarded garlic producer in Australia. Anna’s interests include organics, soil chemistry and the soil-health to human-health connection.

Anna joined the board in 2017 and considers her time as Treasurer as rewarding, valuing the personal and professional connections she has made, and is pleased to be able to serve the garlic industry.

Kerry Ann Ennett

Kerry has been growing garlic for 4 years, on a small acreage near Agnes Waters in Queensland.

With a background in permaculture and nursing, and living where droughts and floods are a part of life, Kerry has been drawn to the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture, introducing cover crops and rotational grazing to stimulate soil microbiology and restore soil carbon.

Kerry has been serving on the AGIA board since 2019.

David Jones

In 2011, David and his wife Kirsten began growing garlic at Mirboo in South Gippsland, Victoria. 

Professionally, David has held executive positions in health and medical research foundations, prominent honorary roles in organisations such as Opera Scholars Australia and the Women’s Cancer Foundation, and has worked in management in the corporate sector.

In 2017, David co-founded the Meeniyan Garlic Festival and is currently Chair of the event committee.

David joined the AGIA board in 2018.

Michelle Zeibots