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2024 Webinars

The Australian Garlic Industry Association (AGIA) are proud to present a series of four webinars throughout 2024.

This series in response to a decision by the AGIA Board that we will vary our offerings to provide flexibility for engagement to our members.
Like many organisations, our annual conference attendance levels declined post Covid, however a future conference is not out of the question and we are considering new options for the future. A highlight of past conferences is the face to face benefit of networking and sharing with other passionate garlic growers over the 2 days. The feedback from attendees who travel from different states, is resoundingly positive. This and a survey to members and will influence our future direction.

The topics and the timing for this series have been designed to coincide with the growing seasons for the majority of our members, so that they have access to information when they need it.
– The first and the third webinars are open to the general public.
– The second and fourth webinars are for AGIA members only.
This decision was made to drive membership growth, and deliver value to our current member base. This webpage which contains links to the webinar resources (presentations and recordings) is available to members only.

We hope you take advantage of the series, and join in real-time to ask questions and take full advantage of our speaker’s expertise.


Thursday, January 18th

‘Knowing your soil type’ and ‘Cover crops to improve soil health and on-farm productivity’

Sam North is a research hydrologist specialising in Soil and Water R&D for the Department of Primary Industries NSW – Agriculture.
Sam has a broad background in soil and water resource management and irrigated agriculture RD&E, with expertise in soil science, irrigation engineering and irrigated crop agronomy, He has a broad understanding of the need to integrate soil, water and crop systems to produce financially viable irrigated farm businesses.

At the end of Sam’s presentation we had a discussion on good practise for garlic seed selection
Questions throughout the webinar were noted, eg. comparing mulch to weed gunnel, side sprouting and more.
See the answers in the Webinar Q&A


Monday 25th march

Marco is the Business Development Manager and head agronomist at Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), based in Queensland. Marcos’ passion for regenerative agriculture was inspired by his grandfather who regenerated an abandoned 25-hectare property in to a well-established forest. Marco has studied agriculture in Brazil and before moving to Australia in 2017, was part of a project to implement farming practices to increase profit whilst improving soil health. His journey at NTS started as farm manager of two research farms, experience that has contributed to him have a practical approach as an agronomist.



on ‘Soil Management