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AGIA Conference Speakers

“I’ve found the AGIA Conferences to be motivating and inspiring, full of business-stimulating ideas and good company. Plus no one gets tired of talking about garlic!”

Anna King – Wildes Lane

Garlic Conference is simply a great time to connect with other growers, to share experiences and ideas and hear from a bunch of outstanding speakers.
You learn so much from the formal sessions – then a whole lot more when you sit and chat over lunch or during the free time over the weekend

David Jones – Mirboo arm Garlic

“The conference for me provides an opportunity to engage with growers at different stages of their journey, introduces new ideas and different concepts with great speakers discussing garlic and much more.”

Steve – Tarrawingee Garlic

This year the Australian Garlic Industry Association is excited to introduce a great line up of speakers. See below for more details

The ‘New Growers’ Workshop’ on Friday is an exclusive opportunity for new and intending growers to meet and discuss elements of the garlic production cycle. The topics include Garlic Fundamentals, Growing Stages, Planting, Harvesting, Curing and Storage.

We also pleased to have 2 representatives of Garlic horticulture machinery, Carlos Herguedas  – International Sales Manager for JJ Broche, and our sponsor MacWood who will have a range of equipment on display.

Life in the soil
Dr Gupta Vadakattu – Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO , investigates aspects of genetic diversity, functional capability and resilience of soil biota in agricultural soils and functional microbial diversity of aquifer systems, specifically:
• Genetic, functional and environmental regulators of biological disease suppression in soils
• Host-Microbiome interactions: Phenotypic and functional diversity of microbiota in the rhizosphere and aquifer systems
• Microbial and edaphic factors regulating free-living nitrogen fixation in annual and perennial crops
• Turnover to carbon, nutrients and biological health of soils

Biosystems, Soil, Nutrition and Health 
Walter Jehne (Co-founder of Regenerate Earth) is an internationally recognised soil microbiologist and innovation strategist. He has immense field and research experience in soils, grasslands, agriculture and forests at local, national (CSIRO and Science Adviser to Australia’s National Soil Advocate), and international (UN) level. Walter’s specialisation is the role of soil microbes’ symbiotic processes in the ecology of diseases, plant health, nutrient and waste cycling, soil pedogenesis and the regeneration of bio-systems.
Garlic health benefits – What does the evidence tell us? 
Joanna Harnett – PhD, MHSc, BHSc (Complementary medicine)is a senior lecturer at The University of Sydney Pharmacy School Faculty of Medicine and Health where she specialises in complementary medicines. Following 15 years of clinical practice as a naturopath in an integrative medicine centre and completing a PhD in nutritional pharmacology in 2013, she turned her focus to teaching and research with a view to fostering the appropriate and safe use of evidence-based Complementary Medicine and developing high quality professionally relevant education.

An integrated approach to Regenerative Agriculture 
Deane Belfield Director Regenerative Australian Farmers
Regenerative Australian Farmers is an organisation which creates the opportunity for regenerative agriculture to be part of regional circular economies. Deane is also advisor to CEO Mt Alexander Bioenergy, which works to build a sustainable clean energy future in their region.
For more information :
Managing nutrients in vegetable production systems 
A/Prof Helen Suter Senior lecturer at University of Melbourne 
Research focused is on nitrogen efficiency in agricultural systems with projects looking at nitrogen cycling in dairy and vegetable systems.

JJ Broch
Carlos Herguedas  – International Sales Manager

Specialises in Garlic Crop and Garlic Processing for more than 15 years.
A complete range of tools which help to optimise the costs and profit of the garlic crop.
Technicians and agronomists ready for direct supporting to the garlic farmers and traders.

Thank you to our Sponsor 

The AGIA welcomes the support of MacWood Horticultural Machinery for the 2022 Conference.
MacWood are the Australian distributers for Garmach and Rosta products.
With a range supporting hand planting, 2-wheel tractors and full mechanical production for garlic, onions, broad beans, and potatoes there is sure to be something of interest for all.
Andrew Wood, from MacWood will have a range of items on display during the Conference.
Further information can be found at
Andrew can be contacted at or 0419 878 319.