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The Paddock Lal Lal


The Paddock Lal Lal

Seller and Grower


Fresh garlic, small and large braids, Grad and Go packs, Garlic smalls, Mixed boxes and bags, Grow your own starter packs

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Where sold

Local markets and festivals in the Ballarat area, direct to consumers via online/website

Stock availability

December - May unless sold out


Melissa Mortimer

35 Haywood Road

Lal Lal VIC 3352




Business Info

The Paddock project kicked off in 2022 with the inaugural planting of garlic. To assess suitability for the local environment, which experiences an average elevation of 468 meters, persistent winter frosts, and summer heat—conditions favourable to garlic growth—we introduced five varieties: Mammoth Purple, Flinders Island Purple, White Crookneck, Spanish Roja, and Valiant.

While garlic cultivation wasn't initially on our radar, our 23-acre canvas and a menagerie of little animals provided ample space for a new purpose. Melissa, an avid gardener, floated the idea to Sean in 2021, suggesting the conversion of one of the paddocks into a garlic haven. To her surprise, Sean enthusiastically embraced the concept.

Our aim isn't grand-scale commercial production; rather, we strive to supply garlic cultivated through chemical-free practices, employing crop rotation, natural fertilisers, and herbicides. All original garlic seeds were carefully sourced from Australian growers.

In 2023, we expanded our garlic varieties to further test their adaptability to the local conditions. This year, we introduced Dunganski, Purple Hardneck, Turban Master Jack, and Elephant garlic, planting a total of 1,343 cloves across nine different varieties.