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Wynlen House Artisan Village Farm


Wynlen House Artisan Village Farm

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In November each year the harvest starts with the Turban varieties; Monaro Purple and White Crookneck These are lovely garlics with soft flavours, sweet and mild but with a bit of a kick. December/January, is harvest time for our mid to late season garlics from the Creole family. Spanish Roja and Festival. Once properly dried and cured, a process that takes about 12 weeks, these garlics will store well for 6 t0 8 months. Spanish Roja has quite a different flavour profile from the Turbans. It is hot and spicy. Late December/January is when we harvest our late season garlics such as Dunganski.

Where sold
" Wynlen House"
92 Monkittee St
Braidwood, NSW, 2622

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December 2020


Bronwyn Richards

92 Monkittee st

Braidwood NSW 2622

02 48421127

Business Info

Wynlen House Village Farm and Clarevale Farm are in partnership growing mid and late season garlic varieties and doing very well. This means Australian garlic on tables in our part of the world from April to November when the usual garlic varieties are sold out. We grow without pesticides or herbicides and work hard to regenerate our land and care for our Soils.